Noia Butters provides a better, healthier skincare experience that empowers people through self care and inclusion.

our world revolves around:

Self Love: Our products contribute to you! Add self care to your daily regimen with products that are targeted to relaxation.

Inclusiveness: As we create and display our products we have you in mind, our brand is for the underrepresentation men and women in the health and beauty industry. This is for you!

#YourNaturalWorks: We want to spread awareness of those chemicals that most people are used to. We ensure that your natural works. All of our products have natural ingredients that you can actually read. These ingredients have rich properties the help your natural skin and hair thrive.

Bridge that Gap: We are no longer picking beauty over health, we are picking both!

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Founder + CEO

Noia Butters is black, women, and student owned company. The founder, Brittany Bygrave started Noia Butters in her college dorm year at 20 years old. Noia Butters started with her love for natural products, and frustration with the lack of natural alternatives on her campus.

Noia Butters, formally, Noia Brittany has been successful thus far, continuing to grow and bridge that gap between beauty and health!