4 keys I've learned within 2 years in business

 It's OUR Anniversary *sings Toni, Toni, Toni*

Noia Butters was founded in my college dorm at 20 years-old. It was based on personal need, opportunity, and faith. Within our first year, we landed in our first retail store which sold out within a day (on and offline). I have earned many blessings and also experienced some pivots (not failures). This post is to highlight what I've learned, what clung on to for my sanity, and share what I know helped me along the way. Happy 2 years and COUNTING to us! 

- Founder, Brittany Bygrave

Importance of Character: Being an entrepreneur for 2 years, you meet a lot of people and enter a lot of rooms. Experiences truly define and mold your character. You will meet almost every kind of person being in a leadership role. The encouragers. The doubters. The supporters. It's important to know who YOU are in a profit-driven economy and you have to navigate it all. Having integrity, class and a professional approach to others is the first thing that I have learned within becoming a growing businesswoman.


Influence: In the previous point, I mentioned meeting a lot of people. That had to be one of the things I enjoy most. I've been in the room with multiple self-made black women millionaires. This is inspiring to me! This is what keeps me on my toes on being a business owner. Recently, I've decided to delete all negative, meaningless Instagram pages because I have learned the importance of influence. Knowing how easy it is to be influenced, I do my best to put positive and genuine energy into the world for others to receive. The things you consume shapes your mentality as a person!  

Community: Whew! There is no way I can't highlight the community around me. I moved by myself to Greensboro for school from NJ and I have created a solid foundation for myself. This is THE most important thing I've learned. People DO love you and show up for you. You just have to let them. Thank you all my friends, pastors, professors, organizers, other entrepreneurs that experience me every day! 
Invest: Sacrifice is REAL. Risk taking is REAL. God is also real. You can only imagine the sacrifice I've taken in terms of developing a homemade skincare line. I have heard many No's but all it takes is that one YES to yourself to keep pushing and investing. Investing doesnt always mean money. It means energy, love and time!  
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