This past week I got a pimple on my forehead and I thought to myself,” How do you own a skin care line…… and still have acne?” Since when owning a skincare line make me not human?
I started my skincare line out of my expression of love for natural products. Natural products helped my skin actually breathe. Natural alternatives alone improved my dark marks, acne and more. I’m telling y’all I’ve tried it all when it came to skincare: Pro-active, lightening creams for my hyperpigmentation and dermatologists offices all under the age of 15. Ridiculous, right?
Honestly, I still struggle with my skin! I get bags, dark eyes, and acne. Keep in mind perfect skin doesn’t exist. Perfect anything doesn’t exist. It’s important to know yourself and love it regardless. Bad skin days, hair days, outfit days will come. The important I feel amazing even when my skin doesn’t.
I don’t want to sell perfection. I want to sell realness. My skin journey is something I hold so dear to me because it was a moment in my life when I didn’t even want my complexion anymore. Now, I’m loving nurturing, listening to and protecting my skin more than ever. My skin has tremendously improved and I’m so proud of myself. So, YES I get acne still, but shout out to my progress!

How do ya’ll feel about bad skin days or weeks? Does it affect your day, how you feel, etc? Comment Below.

*A few pictures my skin, bags, dark marks and all. No filter, makeup-less, just raw!


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