Stress Awareness

It's been a while, hasn't it? 
Brittany, founder here. In recognition of National Stress Awareness Day. I wanted to speak my truth for coping techniques for those high-stress days because... they happen. One of the frequently asked questions I've gotten while balancing a business owner and a student was: "How do you manage both?" I felt like Hannah Montana some days! There is no perfect way to manage your own life. People thrive in different settings that may be as stressful for some.
Within my college days, entrepreneur days, and now 9-5 days. How do I handle it? A key attribute about me is I am a planner. 100%. I like to know what I'm doing when I wake up, what time I have to leave my house to get to the doctor's 5 minutes early or what I'm making for dinner.. next week. I'm that girl. I have extreme analysis paralysis as well. This can be extra stressful because I'm always thinking about something which can easily turn into anxiety.
  • Now, I control the controllables. This is an ongoing journey. Stressing about systems you can't control will distract you from the things you can control.
  • I start my days with intention. Affirmations, Shine Text app, and a great playlist. These things make the moments not so bad. 
  • Pause moments. If you can't tell, I'm really big on self-care and acknowledging needs at the time. This takes self-awareness. This is the use of my Sooth Anti-Anxiety Oil. Whenever I had a big presentation, I carry it with me. I inhale and exhale while only focusing on the moment to relax.
We all do that one thing to contribute to use being sane, whether you are conscious of it or not. These are getting a few of mine! I hope this helps to conquer your challenge or day. Happy National Stress Awareness Day.
Feel free to comment on your methods of managing stress. 

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