Most of, if not all my viewers are college students. As well all know it's acceptance season, or in some cases denial season. This is for you that applied for that job, internship, or any opportunity that you desired so dearly but you got denied.  

The mistake I have made in the past was comparing. I used to compare myself to other people my age. I essentially beat myself up over things I could not change. I definitely snapped out of the self-doubt knowing that my journey will never look like the next persons. The only competition is in the mirror. Do not compare your journey to anyone else's. That is the epidemic of becoming "sore loser". Don't be wrapped up in the finished project of someone else.

Remember if God says no, no man will say yes. If you're persistent enough, there is bigger and better around that no or denial email.

As a flourishing entrepreneur, denied emails in my inbox will come for the rest of my life. Failure is apart of my occupation. I see every application as a risk I take. There are chances that I take. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Mastering the process of not beating yourself definitely takes time. This is the time that the lesson is learned.

Next time, you'll correct any mistake you've made and progress! Therefore, it is no room to beat a dead horse. Prepare for that "yes" or acceptance. Whatever you do, don't take it personally. Think logically, and try to be unemotional as possible. If you do, make peace. You're bigger than that denial. 


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