If you're reading this, you are most likely familiar with my new business! If you aren't, I recently started a skincare line. In Shop section of noiabutters.com is my first product hair and body butter, 100% Whipped Shea Butter with essential oils. Upcoming is my 4-month business mark, and I have been getting a lot of questions from people that want to start their own business or just want insight on my journey. I do not feel like I am in the best place to give advice. However, I am at the sole mark in learning the in's and out's of growing a sole business. 


Now, whether you want to start a clothing line, a makeup company, or a restaurant, I've learned that building is all based on branding! I received much love on my brand even when I had no idea what a brand was. Branding may be perceived as simple, but it is essentially so hard to create, build, and stay consistent with! I am my brand. From the moment I walk outside to tweeting, I have to think of what I represent. People and future customers have to trust you outside of you selling the product or service. In the process of building my beautiful brand, I discovered the KEYS: Reputation, Innovation, and Presentation. How do you treat people? How do you want to be perceived? Think of campaign season at your college or local college. A campaign season isn't only a week or two. Election season is based on the diligence that person did all school year that got them to that point. In my opinion, reputation is the most important part of branding, when starting your business because your first customers will be your peers. Nothing is more valuable than word of mouth. Always keep that in mind. 


It's not all about connections. It's about making genuine connections. All creators that want to work with you don't have your best interest at heart. This is where emotional intelligence comes into action. Emotional intelligence is basically putting your boss hat on and not falling a victim of your emotions. Don't be afraid to say "No, thank you." Also, don't be afraid to be told "No." Knowing who you're working with is similar to know who are you buying from. We all want quality from professionals. Don't shake hands with everyone. Be PICKY with your business and be careful. 


If you're a makeup artist, you better have that makeup snatched EVERY TIME. If you are a baker, make sure you're the best that ever baked a cake. Why? Because you KNOW you are. Get into that mindset and go for it. Think of why a person should buy your cake over Carvel's! Confidence is key. Taking the jump into your industry of choice is so timeless. Be yourself that what makes your product and service unique. Nobody can be you. Get ready for low moments and moments when it's all worth the late nights and early mornings. You are it! Knowing you're the best helps you invest in yourself. Being an entrepreneur is one big sacrifice. You need to believe in yourself before anyone else can. 

I hope this helps a future entrepreneur or entrepreneur! Do not hesitate to message me or contact me for ANYTHING. I'm not here to flash my growth and success, I'm here to ensure we do it together. Below is a link to contact and my social media handles!

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